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- Read a huge text with your favourite voices! - Read out your text aloud with any of the five voice combinations! - Export your text as WAV files! - Listen to the speech with the built-in speaker! - Retina display support! - Add voices to your voice list! - Share your reading using social networking services! - Export the original text! - Quick and easy voice learning! - Clear learning path with step by step instructions! - Accurate font and size recognition! - Precise language support! - Easily customizable! - Save time with customizable dark theme! - Save time with a new user interface design! - Improved app store approval! - 24/7 customer support!The Great Unraveling The Great Unraveling: How your world is being destroyed by its own wealth is a 2014 book by ecological economics author Ulrich Beck. Reception The Great Unraveling has been positively received by the environmental literature. As of January 2015 the book had the following reviews: The Harvard Business Review (2015):"Our planetary ecosystem is being rapidly destroyed by the accumulation of wealth and by carbon emissions, but the political will necessary to remedy this situation is lacking. The challenge is to move beyond political paralysis to rethink how the world economy can be managed so as to create an economy that is compatible with the continued existence of life on Earth. The new ecological economics is a valuable tool to make such a transition happen." The Globe and Mail (2015):"The most important book to come out this year." Book World (2015):"An impressive work, both intellectually rigorous and movingly eloquent." Sustainable Reviews (2015): "An important book, one that would merit review on this blog in years past." The Guardian (2015): "Potent and eloquent." The New York Times (2015): "An important intervention...provides an encouraging framework for the rethinking of our fundamental economic system." The Barnes & Noble Review (2015): "The first great book of ecological economics and the book that environmentalists have been waiting for." The Ecologist (2015): "The first book we will read in 2016 with a detailed analysis on how the current economic system is destroying our climate and other ecosystems." Nature (2015): "One of the most important books of the year." L'Osservatore Rom a5204a7ec7

Speaker is an easy-to-use utility designed to read any text in a second with a natural speech voice. It is suitable for home or work use in any industry, for example healthcare or education. Features: - Unlimited text types, multiple languages - Export wav or mp3 files - Navigate with arrow keys, search with previous or next - Bookmarks, repeat and back support - Set voices, adjust volume - Start/stop button - Multiple languages supported - Readout time in milliseconds - On-screen display of current time - Full iOS support - Support for widescreen displays - iOS8 compatible Ratings and Comments Total Score: 8.5/10 4 Total Votes: 9 votes 2 Pros: Easy to use. Intuitive and easy to navigate. Native Apple iOS support Cons: Only available in English. Support for other languages would be great. Eye7 is a very useful application that has been developed for blind people. Eye7 is the first tool of its kind to focus exclusively on the assistive-technology needs of users, which is why we named it one of the best tools for the visually impaired. The app comes with a wide array of automated and customizable features that can make work with the software much easier. It is extremely easy to use and, if you have never used it before, you will be surprised by its efficiency and reliability. The app uses the very latest technology, which allows it to work smoothly with the most modern browsers and all the versions of iOS, including iOS 7 and the latest iOS 8. Eye7 Description In its basic form, Eye7 is a window-based application that requires a browser and the ability to run JavaScript to operate. That said, we consider Eye7 to be much more than just a simple tool. Apart from being a great way to perform all types of searches in the cloud, it can also be used to navigate the web, read newspapers and magazines, play audiobooks and even control your TV. There is no limit to what this tool can do, making it a very powerful tool for the visually impaired. Eye7 can be used by visually impaired users to access and perform a variety of different functions. The application lets you search the web by voice and it is not uncommon to find it in the list of the top ten applications for the visually impaired, having gained an enormous following among blind users.

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