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4.51%/days 9.30%*note buy1 units1.0000 1.0000 1.0000 0.2000 0.0000 Note that this list only contains the top 100 and only daily buys for 2013 and the index is being factored into 8.7% on average. It also only looks at the top 100 unique addresses and not everyone has purchased all or any of the units we know they own. We are also only providing information on the top 100 addresses so not all address may be correct or in fact the owners of the top 100 accounts are addresses themselves, it's impossible to tell from the information you have given us. But how do we know that the top 100 accounts are correct? Well for starters we've already proven that around 35k bitcoins are stolen from the exchanges every single month. If they are adding a new account every month why would they invest in Bitcoin? The answer is simple, they are using the stolen bitcoins to launder money and just in case they get caught by the authorities they can get it all back later. The true crypto market cap is much higher than what we see on the exchanges. According to the top 100 accounts more than 250k units have been sold on SilkRoad and in just the past 2 weeks we can see that more than 34k of those accounts have sold out. The number one address from the top 100 accounts is almightybucks who we have known to have previously bought units on other exchanges. They were active on the market until June of this year when they mysteriously disappeared from the top 100 bitcoin address list. There is a conspiracy to sabotage the digital currency market as well as make gains. The true digital currency market cap is much higher than what we see on the exchanges but that is because the Bitcoin exchanges are designed in a way that they do not show all exchanges and only make a small percentage of it. We have also seen some other very strange activity with these addresses such as maxcoin (who did some public relations in the past) getting in on the action to see if they could pull off a pump and dump. There is more activity on these accounts as we continue to dig around, if you have any more information please contact us. With a cryptocurrency exchange you have the ability to deposit money and withdraw money, so if I send you $100 and you want to withdraw $100 of your account balance you can do that. With a BitShares exchange you are trading in an asset that pays interest and is



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Thc Credit V1 91 garyelli

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